Local churches are God’s method to advance the kingdom, spread the gospel and make disciples. Church planting is therefore the biblical and most effective method in fulfilling the great commission. Our vision is to form and multiply a network of missional communities and worshiping neighbourhood churches all over our city, which will incarnate and contextualize the Gospel in their specific environment and culture.

We do not just fill the church with people. We want to fill the region with churches. We do not just take people to church. We want to take the church to the people. The church is more than a building or a service where we gather. It is communities of believers strategically scattered all over the region where we share faith, hope and love in everyday life.

We want the church to be more than just a big event to go to on Sunday. We would rather promote up close and personal community in everyday life. Therefore we choose to strategically multiply smaller and simpler churches rather than building one large and more spectacular church.

We do not just add the number of members; we want to multiply the number of churches. We want to plant several small churches across the region in different neighbourhoods and communities where people actually live and do life. Therefore, we do not only count the number of people in our church but also count the number of potential churches in our people.

We want to keep the pioneer spirit alive by constantly planting new churches in new places, locally and globally. We want to be a missionary movement that equips and sends missionaries rather than simply just gather and maintain believers in sanctuaries.

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