It is easy to see life as a long string of boring routines that are repeated over and over again week in and week out. Often we think that mission means that we need to do something more or something different, something wholly unique. But our call is rather to see the opportunities where we are. Share meals with others and not just with our families and friends. View the football game together, rather than alone. Rather than consider these things as insignificant activities we must realize that God has placed us in them. We should therefore make the most of every opportunity that we get. We should live prayerfully. We should be alert, observe and listen. We should be attendant to the needs all around us. We should take every chance to celebrate what can be celebrated, together with others. We should recognize and encourage the good everywhere we find it. We should share life’s ups and downs and volunteer to carry the burdens of others. The gospel frees us to be a human and not hide our weaknesses and challenges to others. God is at work precisely in our struggles of everyday life and wants us to open up our lives so that others can see God’s grace at work in our lives. We shouldn’t be preachy and talk down to people but be willing to share our faith when people ask. The Gospel enables us in this way to become the neighbour everybody needs, by God’s grace and for God’s glory.

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