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This book is for people who want to get serious about the church. It’s for pastors who are sick and tired of surfing the latest wave or jumping from one program to the other. We are not called to be inventors, we are stewards of the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. The book is all about the rediscovery of Christ’s Church and how we can return to, reclaim, and restore the real stuff. There are zero motivational riffs in this book about how you can be yourself, develop yourself, or maximize yourself as a pastor. The message is not about how you can find yourself, but actually a blueprint of how to get over yourself and be found in Christ and his righteousness, instead of trusting your own creative brilliance and the myriad quick fixes and growth schemes.

This is not a book about church growth, in fact, I am afraid that if you follow the teaching in the book there is a chance that you will see your church shrink, at least to begin with. But what I can promise is that you will find rest and joy for your weary soul in trusting the finished work of Christ for you and for your ministry. For what does it help a church if she wins the whole world but loses her soul? I’ve been there, done that, and I have the scars to show you.

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Magnus is a husband, father and grandfather. He is an ordained Verbi Divini Minister and works as a pastor for EFS – a missional renewal movement in the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church. He is also the network co-ordinator of Re:formera and the host for its weekly podcast.

Magnus is a spiritual overseer of PORT Church and a personal mentor of our pastors. As an international preacher Magnus regularly speaks at Port Church here in St Catharines.

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