08.28.16 – Randy Srochenski – Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Matthew 6:9
Lead us not into temptation.
This poses the question – what does it mean to be led?
To be led isn’t that complicated.  As a child we perhaps played games like ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Follow the Leader’, whereby the primary purpose was to be led.  All that was involved was one person set the example and then the rest of us followed.  It truly is as simple as that.  As we pray these words we ask God to take the lead in our life.
To hear it as simply put as this it can seem exactly that – too simple.  But it truly is.  The complicated part is that we don’t always want to follow God or go where he is leading us.  This is why it is essential to view his leadership through the context of the Lord’s prayer.  God leads us when we know what our relationship with him is – as his children.  He leads us when we ask for his will to be done in our life and for his kingdom to be present on earth.  He leads us after we’ve asked him to meet our daily needs, and after we have responded to the forgiveness that he has given us.
It is simple for us to ask God to lead us when we know who he is.  When we truly know and understand our relationship with him it can move beyond head knowledge to reach the depths of our heart, eventually working out into the practical hands of our everyday life.  We move from merely knowing that God can leads us to living it out.
Listen to the rest of Pastor Randy Srochenski’s message here.

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