08.07.2016 – Randy Srochenski – Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

As we dig into the Lord’s prayer we are reminded that church is not about us in so many ways.  If you leave the service at church not thinking about you then it was a good service.  The focus should be on God, on Jesus crucified, and on the community of people that God has put in your life.

Have you ever walked into a bakery and you didn’t realise you were hungry?  But as soon as you step through the door and take a breath your taste buds are alive, your senses tantalised by the thought of freshly baked bread.

We should come to church with a similar expectation.  Entering a service with hunger for Jesus, to learn more of God’s Word, to spend this time in his presence.

Give us this day our daily bread.

– bread is simple
– in middle eastern culture, and so many others, it is a staple part of diet
– it sustains us

In the desert, after they had come out of captivity in Egypt, God provided his people with literal daily bread.  Every morning they awoke to find enough manna (bread of heaven) for all of them to be well fed for the day.  Interestingly, you couldn’t store up the manna and keep it for the next day as it would rot.  The Israelites had to trust God daily for his bread.

This is the same picture we should have as we pray  give us this day our daily bread.  It is a reminder that God has provided for us, every single day, with something that will sustain us and never run out.

Three things happen in this line:
– we are taught to trust Jesus & be thankful
– we are taught generosity & kindness
– we are developing faith daily in God’s daily faithfulness

God gave us Jesus on the cross as the ultimate price paid for us, so we can learn to feed on him, and not become spiritually “hangry.”

Listen to the rest of the message here.

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