07.31.16 – Randy Srochenski – Your Will Be Done

Prayer – is an appointment with God.  We should come to it with expectation, like we would if meeting up with an old friend.  It is too easy to allow prayer to become a repetitive duty if we don’t understand what it really is.  A professional football practise looks almost identical to a kids football team practise.  They run the same drills, run the same sprints, practise the same throws and catches.  Sometimes in church we try to learn things, without establishing the right foundations first, which leads to misunderstanding things such as prayer.  We assume that we no longer need to practise prayer, or that we’ve moved on from praying the very words that Jesus Christ himself taught us.

The foundation of the church is Jesus Christ crucified.

Matthew 6:9 –  The Lord’s Prayer.  We’ve been walking through this prayer line by line, exploring it in detail each week.  This week we come to those words ‘Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven’.

These words bring up so many questions – do you believe God’s will for your life is the best will for your life?

Our will is our desires, our passions, our affections, our capacity and our freedom to choose.  The same is true for God’s will.  His desires for you, passion for you, affection for you, his capacity to allow you to choose freedom

What do you want your heart to desire?  Gods will or yours?

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