06.19.16 – Randy Srochenski – Father’s Day

Ephesians 5:21-33 (NIV)

On Father’s day, we consider what makes a great father — or indeed a great husband or man. In these verses from Ephesians, we read Paul’s instructions for our family and household. Primarily he focuses on submission to each other, out of reverence to Christ.

What is submission?

The word submission often has so many negative connotations – we associate it with passivity, or being denied something; however, submission to God is to go underneath (sub) the common mission of God. With Christ, submission is to gain rather than lose. In submitting to Him we are completely under his protection, his promises, his grace and mercy. Submission to God activates our life as we humbly are able to express his love to others.

Submission will activate your life.

Submission in love is an action: you can’t be in submission and do nothing. As the Gospel works in us we see that our eyes are opened to see who God has brought into our life for us to love and serve. Paul instructs us to submit to each other as believers. This leads to wives submitting to their husbands, as their husbands love them as Christ loved the church.

Real men are lovers. True love is an act of service to someone else that costs you something. It is in love that we can submit to others. Love without giving is empty.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, he GAVE his only Son.

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