06.12.16 – Randy Srochenski – What is the Church?

Acts 2:42

The Fellowship of the Believers.
They devoted themselves to the apostles
’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.
The first church that existed after Christ’s death was not concerned with their niche – it was all about ‘AND’. Apostles teaching AND fellowship AND breaking of bread AND prayer.  These are the cornerstones of what makes a church.

What is the difference between a church and a social group, like the Lion’s club?  Or a group of people praying? Or a group of people doing a bible study?  Are they church?
The AND is what makes the church, and all of these elements, though simple, are essential. So  often we complicate what the church is and what it’s supposed to do.

Church is supposed to be a healthy, functional example of a spiritual family. Yet, to have a healthy family is hard!  There is so much brokenness all around us and society makes it easiest to serve ourselves and leave when things get difficult. The body of Christ is unique because it is a family that is continually growing, evolving and reshaping.

Let’s be committed to:
– Apostles teaching (word of God)
– Fellowship (life)
– Breaking of bread (communion & meals)
– Prayers

In the early church this resulted in people being added daily (Acts 2:47), as those around were filled with awe at seeing such an example!

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