04.02.17 – VISION SUNDAY – April

“We want to be an ecological and sustainable church.
That is locally produced
By organic growth
Without artificial fertilizers
That follows the natural rhythms of the different seasons of life.”

Why is Port Church here?

It is here for people to experience God’s love.

In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus gave us The Great Commission, instructing us to go into all the world, baptising people and teaching them to obey God’s word.  Essentially, the entire reason that Jesus came was God’s love for people.  A love that caused him to give his only son in the ultimate service – as a sacrifice for all of humanity.



Where you live is intentional for God.  He loves the people around you which is why you are where you are.  It can often be easy to go away ‘on mission’ to another country – to travel across the world and share God’s love with people for a week, or even several months, however, what about the mission at home?  Who is in your world; your neighbours, colleagues, the people you encounter in your every day life?  Those are the people who God loves, whose lives he has placed you in intentionally to reveal his love to.

In Zachariah 4:10 it talks about not despising the day of small beginnings.  Historically, God has always begun with the least, last and hopeless.  A plant begins as a tiny, fragile seed.  A seed can be easily lost, blown away by the wind and scattered.  However, when planted a seed grows, flourishes and reproduces.  God starts with something small – like a conversation with your neighbour, being intentional when you get your morning coffee, or do your groceries.  A seed.

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