02.05.17 – Vision Sunday


To have vision is to know the destination before you get there.  The vision for our church lets us know where we are going, how we will get there and also what our foundation is based on.  Our vision at Port Church is for a place where church and life come together – one life.  To live intentionally in the community where God has placed you; to put down roots there, live and plan generationally, pray for your neighbours and friends and for the city you live in to prosper.  To have a faithful presence right where you are.  In Jeremiah 29:4-7 the Israelites have been taken into exile.  They want to be anywhere but where they are but God says to put down your roots, marry, live right here where I chose for you to be.
“We want to be an ecological and sustainable church.
That is locally produced
By organic growth
Without artificial fertilizers
That follows the natural rhythms of the different seasons of life.”
Today there is an organic movement to look at HOW things are produced.  An organic apple is smaller and doesn’t look as attractive necessarily as one that isn’t organic.  However, it has five times the nutritional value of an apple that isn’t organic.  Just as we can agree that that is better for us (regardless of whether we choose to buy organically) we can see that we need organic church.  Church that isn’t pumped full of artificial growth enhancers, church that is real, church that is healthy. Church as church is meant to be.  Church is a place to be reminded of the gospel – of what God has initiated, what he did through Christ on the cross and the result effect that has in our lives.
To hear more about the vision for Port Church click here.

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