i’m going to read
out of john chapter
14 john chapter 14 the first
six verses it says this
do not let your hearts be troubled you
believe in god
believe also in me my father’s house has
many rooms if that were not so i would
have told i would have told you
i would have told you so i would have
told you that i am going there to
prepare a place for you
and if i go and prepare a place for you
i will
come back and take you to be with me
that you also may be we
may be where i am you know the way to
the place where i’m going
thomas said to him lord we don’t know
where you’re going
so how can we know the way jesus
answered him
i am the way and the truth
and the life no one comes to the father
except through me this is the word of
the lord to us
and everybody said amen go ahead and
take your seat
get yourself comfortable let yourself
just sit back enjoy
relax a little bit but be alert be aware
friends because i we’re in the midst of
season in life that can feel as though
we’re being robbed of something it can
feel as though
we’re constantly in the state of waiting
and not waiting in a good way you know
if you’re impatient like me
this kind of a season is not good but
yet there’s something good
because it teaches me it forces me it
forces me to trust christ it forces me
to look to him it forces me to wait
patiently in him but you know what i
don’t want this season to go by
with us just waiting waiting for this to
waiting for the vaccination waiting for
for covet to move on
waiting for life to get back to normal
no no i don’t think that’s how god works
i think in every season there’s an
opportunity and i think the opportunity
we have upon us
right now is a multi there’s there’s
various opportunities i think the
opportunity we have
is to dig deeper to not just wait
but use this time we’ve been given to
dig deeper into christ
to understand who we are in christ to
understand our mission as a church
why are we here as a church so i’ve
endeavored last week
this week and next sunday to come to
equip our church to hit the ground
running to not waste this time listen
let’s not
waste this season when else in your life
are you going to have an opportunity
when you’re forced to work from home
when you’re forced to have more time on
your hands than maybe you want
don’t don’t look at it as a negative
come on let’s flip it around and say
this is an opportunity from god
to be prepared and get prepared amen
because i think this is what it is so
today i i don’t think this is an
accident we’re going to talk about this
love for your life love for your life
and maybe friends this is more apt today
than ever before because as i said it’s
so easy to look at the life you had
or the life you want and when life is
quote unquote normal
what do we find we then find ourselves
looking at others and say wow i wish i
had their life
i wish i had what they had what they
so there’s always this this longing in
for something that we don’t yet have
here’s the question
what do you have what do i have
is is is life in christ a constant
waiting for you for your prayers to be
for you to get what you want or is life
in christ about
actually understanding what we
have because i’m convinced of this when
i understand
what i have wow i enjoy
every day come on think about jesus
christ’s ministry as you look at the
very little of it was actually spent in
the synagogue or
the church no christ’s life was
lived christ was present at weddings
at dinner parties at people’s homes
having lunch walking down the road
feeding 5 000 people on an open field
his life the life that he lived was so
so grand and so glorious and it happened
every day do you know i think we miss as
i think we miss out and we we don’t
the everyday blessing that god gives us
or let me say it like this the everyday
opportunities we have
to see the holy spirit in action friends
that’s the christian life now listen you
know me
if you’ve ever listened to me long
enough you know this i love church
i love coming to church on sunday i love
being here i love
seeing you this is why this season is
hard on me i love seeing people
i want to know how you’re doing i want
to look you in the face i want to say hi
so i love that element but you know what
i realized
that is an equipping time so right now
what we’re happening is
god is equipping us the holy spirit is
doing something in us
to go and be amen so here’s what we do
let’s use this time to be equipped let’s
use this time
to go forward and really look at the
motivation for why we’re doing this
is to hit the ground running so today
we’re going to talk about this
the power each of us have
when we truly understand and walk in
this something called
loving your life
loving your life come on not loving the
not loving your life in your mind when
you think it’s the life that you’ve
dreamed up
not loving the life someone else has
because you say wow
if i had that life of course it’d be
easy to love that life no
you have your life you have your life
with all its challenges all its
all its failures all its hopes all its
can you love that life not
my life don’t worry about loving my life
love your life
see this is what we see in the gospels
this is why
jesus was so attractive to people
because they said
something about him man there’s
something about that
he just loves his life you see we’re
gonna see we’re gonna look at this
love is what see when you love your life
there’s something about love
that’s attractive love love we we can
see love it’s it’s not enough to say to
people oh
you know just our words i love you or i
love this or i love that
no no you really can see love
because love is this is this
manifestation of what’s in here
love love somehow comes out of our
and we can see it amen
but love is also this love is like a
so i’m convinced this is why people so
are so drawn to jesus
because his love is like a magnet
it draws people his love will draw
resources to your life love draws
opportunities to your life
love is compelling love is compelling
you know what’s interesting this this
past week the
americans elected a new president and on
wednesday there was the
the presidential inauguration
celebration and it was kind of an
all-day affair and much of it was done
online and
and mullin and i were watching and uh
here and i were sitting up a little bit
later than i’d maybe like her to stay
but we were watching and one of the
former performers was a guy named yo-yo
so if you’re not familiar with yo yo ma
that’s okay but he is arguably
the greatest and most famous cellist in
the world
so when he started to play mullen turns
to me within 10 seconds
within 10 seconds she turns and says
this guy really is into what he’s doing
look at his face think about what she
mollins is not a cello fan
but somehow what he was doing was so
he just pulled you in and every five
years of your being
knew that he loved what he was doing he
loved making that music
and it captivated it compelled a
ten-year-old little girl
not because she so loved the sound
something on his
life was compelling she could see the
love he had for that instrument
she could see the love she he was making
with that music and it compelled her
and you could see this and it was
amazing to see
so it isn’t it’s amazing and i so i said
this to her right after that i said i
said tomorrow i said
isn’t it amazing that what he
loves captures our attention
think about that he loves the cello
i can’t sit here and tell you i’m in
love with the cello but he’s in love
with the cello
and because he’s in love with the cello
it captivated me
it drew mullin and i in and she was like
and then i said this to her i said think
about this moment
what we love and how we love
captures people’s attention
it captures them it captures them
what you love captures people’s
what you’re drawn to what you engage
what you give your whole
being to captures people’s attention it
draws them friends
whether you realize it or not or whether
you want them to be drawn or not
i heard a preacher a preacher say this
years ago he said this all of
life preaches the gospel and i thought
last when we were sitting on wednesday
yo ma that those words came back to me
all of life preaches the gospel
so here’s the thing if our loves
and the thing you love and you love and
you love and i love if it captivates
if it captures people if our love
becomes a
magnet and draws people and things to us
what is it we should love what do we
want to love
wow we’ve we’ve entitled this series
love god
love life and love people
so think about that the way you and i
love god captivates people
the way you and i love our life
captivates people the way you and i love
people captivates people they say wow
why would those people make time to go
to church on a sunday during a pandemic
why why are you at home doing this
why are you tuning in isn’t that a waste
of time don’t you have something better
to do
now love compels us love captures us
love captivates us so think about
how you love your life
and here’s a question do you love your
no your life today i can i can hear your
i i i sense your voices yeah yeah i love
my life
when i have the life i want no that’s
not what i asked today can you love your
see some people say how is that possible
you have no
idea how bad my life is yeah but do you
have christ
do you have the lover inside of you
do you have the one who makes all dreams
come to pass
do you have the one who’s who has who
holds the entire world in his hand
and all your hopes and dreams and future
like this
when you have that friends you have love
so love captures people’s attention so
what we love captures people’s attention
to have the life that god has for us we
learn to direct our love so i
i think one of the main purposes of our
as believers is to walk in
love is to walk in and demonstrate and
model our love for god model our love
our life today and model this by loving
amen look at this and here’s a powerful
i love this verse of scripture matthew
chapter 6 verse 21
look at this verse matthew 6 21 so good
look at this it says for where your
treasure is
there your heart will be also think
about that
for where your treasure is there your
heart will be also
well what do we realize from this this
verse of scripture
that we can direct our hearts we have
the power to direct our affection
we have the power to direct our love
so what is what is what does this verse
mean where what is our
treasure well our treasure is the same
our treasure is our time our money
and our talents our time
our money and our talents so if you were
to read this for
where your time is where your money is
and where your talent is there your
heart will be also
that makes a little bit more clear sense
so when we say
love god love life love people
we we’re saying this put your time your
your energy your talents in towards that
don’t just let it be lip service it’s
not enough to be lip service amen
we don’t want love to be lit listen
there’s there’s maybe nothing worse in
the world
listen hear me on this there’s maybe
nothing worse in the world
to be told by someone you you’re loved
but actually in
action you’re not loved it’s just
words it’s empty words
so when we say god loves you friends
those are not empty words you know what
we point to we say
god loves you and hear how you know
here’s how you know
for god loves the world that he gave
his only son that whosoever believes in
shall not perish but have eternal life
see friends
god’s love is not lip service
god’s love is demonstrated by the
actions of his son dying on a cross
come on don’t let your love be lip
the world is tired of lip service the
world is tired of being sold something
that doesn’t wear
that does it isn’t true the world is
tired of seeing people proclaim
and not live it themselves you know do
as i say but don’t do as i do
doesn’t cut it anymore it doesn’t cut it
one once people get to know you
it’s not enough let this love be
how through your time your treasure
your talent that means you’re willing to
give your life to something
amen and this is why we say this in a
practical sense we say
give to the church financially serve why
because where we plant our love grows
so think about this where you give or
your time your treasure your talent
that love will grow it
absolutely will grow amen when you
stop sowing time treasure and talent
into something
i promise you this that love will will
that love will dry up and die off
so is it possible to fall in love
is it possible to fall out of love
how stop giving your time to it stop
giving your treasure to it
stop giving yourself to it your talent
your essence
who you are stop that’s a recipe
for falling out of love you want to fall
into love you want to fall back into
love with god or the church
or people start giving your time your
and your salad your talent and you’ll
watch what happens your love
will start to grow why because now
you’re invested
you’re invested in that thing see what
we’re invested in we
we we care about i remember years ago i
was a young guy
and i had five thousand dollars and i
put it into this
this stock and every day every day i’d
open the newspaper
and i look at my stock every day why was
i doing that
because i was invested come on i cared
if it went down
i cared for rose because it connected to
you see in a total practical way what i
just said is true
and then i sold that stock and asked me
the last time i looked at that stock
not since the day i sold it why i’m not
come on you want to you want your love
direct your love
listen this is the solution to your life
you say you don’t know the life i have
my life
sucks my life is awful my love life is
my my i have no friends i have this this
everything’s falling apart around me
redirect your love commit today to
direct your love
through your time your treasure and your
and watch what happens the love you have
that you didn’t have before will grow
and watch
because love is a magnet watch what
comes into your life
watch how that works but love your life
because you know what why would god come
on now i’m going to say something and i
hope it’s okay
why would god add a bunch of people to
your life when you don’t even love your
is your life attractive do you want that
see i think jesus drew people because
life was so attractive i think he just
walked around with a big
smile enjoying life enjoying
people doing good saying hi and
just enjoying a meal going to a dinner
see jesus loved his life he enjoyed his
friends this is what christ offers enjoy
your life don’t buy the lie that you can
only enjoy it when you get what you want
no man enjoy it today be committed to
enjoying your life today right now as it
now i’ve spent too much time on that
point but i think it’s worthwhile
so therefore our lives are like magnets
and they they’re attractive
so if our love for god must be evidenced
through our actions so if you have your
go to john chapter 14
john chapter 14.
to love your life let me say this
is one of the most spiritual and yet one
of the most
practical things that we have
it’s deeply spiritual to love your life
deeply spiritual yet it’s so practical
and when i say this when you begin to
love your life
your life will become attractive to
when you love your life verse john 14
1-6 here we go
i’m not going to teach on every verse
i’m going to kind of hold in on the last
last the last verse there but i’m going
to read it for the sake of context
jesus says do not let your hearts be
troubled come on who doesn’t that speak
to today
you’re going through some things that
are troubling jesus words to you are
don’t let your heart be troubled he says
don’t let your heart be troubled
you believe in god so he’s almost saying
something he’s saying
you believe in god therefore how can
your heart be troubled
yeah i get it there’s trouble see jesus
doesn’t say
there’s no trouble just hey realize
there’s no trouble that’s not what he’s
he’s saying there’s trouble and there’s
trouble around that’s that’s causing
your heart to be troubled he says
but you believe in god you have god on
your side
god is for you god is with you god is in
you god is through you
god is ahead of you god is behind you
god is under you god is above you
you are surrounded in god
don’t let this trouble distract you from
that what is jesus saying
he’s saying get your eyes fixed on the
you are in god come on do not let your
hearts be troubled
you believe in god believe also in me
this is what jesus says
he says my father’s house has many rooms
if that were not so
what have i told you that that i’m going
there to prepare a place for you
friends we have a destiny and our
destiny is one day
to be in heaven with christ amen that’s
our destiny
that’s our ultimate place and you know
the truth is i want as
many of my friends and family to be
there with us
that’s my reason for loving god loving
life and loving people
i want to see people in heaven man the
people i enjoy on this earth
my friends my neighbors i want to enjoy
eternity with them
i want you to come to heaven with us
maybe i’m a little bit selfish i don’t
know but i want you to know the love of
christ i want you to experience christ i
want you to have christ
why so we can enjoy eternity together
man i love you here
how much more will we love each other
come on verse 3 and if i’m going to
prepare a place for you i will come back
and take you to be with me and that you
also may be where i am
then he says this in verse four he says
you know the place where i’m going
and thomas said to him lord we don’t
know where you’re going
so how can we know the way you know it
it’s it’s funny it’s interesting
but you can almost feel thomas’s anxiety
now i don’t not sure thomas understood
the entire context
but there’s something about thomas i
thomas is sort of saying jesus i don’t
want to be left behind
i don’t want to go on some journey and
be lost help me know the way
and jesus answer is this that you may
have the hope
you may have something you may see it so
look what jesus says
look what his answer is in verse five
uh verse six jesus answered and says to
he says i am the way and the truth
and the life no one comes to the father
except through me
you know what friends there’s something
thomas i want to always keep alive in my
i never want to miss the way
i never want to miss the road i’m
supposed to be
on i’ve always had this this this
this constant prayer in my life from the
time i was born again
and i was convinced of something i don’t
know how but
but god convinced me of something in a
moment when i got born again
and here’s what i was convinced god’s
way and plan for my life is the best
now i i know when i say that it seems
simple it seems blah
but there’s such power in that
you you probably have no idea how often
that simple belief has transformed my
has saved me from pain has saved me from
oh and it’s been tough it’s been tough
to say you know god’s way is the best
when you see your own way when you see
somebody else’s way
and they do it that way and it seems to
work out for them and you’re doing it
this way but it
doesn’t seem very fruitful
but you know what i thank god that i
still believe that today
jesus is the way amen
the way to what the way to the life
god has for you do you understand god
has a plan for your life
so jesus says i am the way the truth and
the life so the key
to the life god has for you is this are
you ready
follow jesus follow christ
let me say this you are not the
architect of your life
it’s not you you you don’t even have to
your life you don’t have to have a big
vision and purpose
follow christ he has the plan for your
he has the purpose for your life he has
your destiny come on
psalm 139 this is so good verses 13 to
17 psalm 139 look at this
probably feel familiar to some of us
for you created my inmost being
come on this is this is god now you knit
me together in my mother’s womb
i praise you because i’m fearfully and
wonderfully made come on friends your
life is not an accident
god didn’t create you and caused you to
be born again
to have an ordinary life to have a
to not enjoy your life and love your
life with all its
challenges and failures and
dreams and hopes and plans and purposes
that’s the life
god has for you amen
so your works are wonderful i know that
full well the psalmist says my frame was
not hidden from you
when i was made in the secret place when
i was woven together in the depths of
the earth
your eyes saw my unformed body oh look
at this
your eyes saw my unformed body all the
adorned for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be
there is a purpose on your life
come on how can you and i not enjoy
and love our life knowing this
that god placed you here listen
you’re in the place you are right now
because that’s exactly where god wants
you to be
you see yeah but you don’t know where i
am doesn’t matter and here’s the reality
god will use your situation right now
for his glory
and your good amen enjoy
find something in the midst of this
season to enjoy
this is why i said you know what we’re
not going to wait we’re not going to
waste this time
we’re not just gonna sit here and be
miserable no no no we’re gonna hit the
running we’re gonna learn to love our
life today
this i get it there’s extra stresses in
your life right now i understand that
but you know what find something to love
rachel and i said this a while back we
said you know what when are we ever
going to have a time like this
where we had we can have the kids around
us all the time now that gets tiring as
but there’s there’s a blessing in that
as well
to be able to talk and share and do life
maybe maybe we’re missing the
opportunity and the blessings that are
upon us
but here we got to keep going so how do
i know what my purpose is follow
jesus he is the way to your best life
what if you say this my life’s hit a
you know what i’m lost and i’m stuck
but life seems to be going nowhere fast
well remember this he is the one
who makes a way for you where there
seems to be no way
listen he’s the one who can make a way
for you
where there seems to be no way why
because he
is the way the way the way
depicts a road a path a
journey a destiny a following
it’s not like you’re here he’s over
there go no
it’s it depicts this journey man
you should almost envision like this
road of of just dirt and gravel
that you have to walk and that’s your
life and that’s my life
but jesus is the way jesus is the one
that’s guiding every step amen
and when you think you’ve lost your way
it’s okay
go back to the one who knows the way for
you jesus
he is the way because he is the way he
can make a way for you
you you might say my life is hopeless i
older i’ve given up i’ve given up trying
don’t give up
don’t give up hang in there keep looking
to jesus he is the way
and you’ll be amazed how am i how
awesome god will
institute and bring these things back
into line in your life
in a moment friends in a moment
you and i can get back on the way with
him it’s not a lifetime
it’s a moment we simply say god
direct me guide me on your path
i want to follow you so how do you do
begin to read your bible begin in the in
the book of matthew
then go through mark then go through
luke then go through john
then begin in the book of acts then see
how the early church followed him
and replicate that be a doer of the word
if jesus says something do it
so that’s too simple no it’ll be a
but that’s the way that’s who he is if
he says it
do it love your enemies do it
yeah but i can’t love them then get the
love of god
be patient i can’t be patient yeah well
then get his patience
because that’s the fruit of his spirit
come on
so then he says this back in john
chapter 14 he says i’m the way
i am the truth so when we follow
jesus he will always give us the truth i
love that go to hebrews chapter 4 verses
12 and 13.
hebrews 4 12 and 13. i’m almost finished
for the word of god is alive i said
follow the word
to follow jesus who is the way you must
follow his word
for the word of god is alive and
active sharper than any double-edged
sword look
look this is real man this isn’t some
ethereal picture
this is saying the word of god is
when this word gets in you it will begin
to do a work
inside of you that you cannot do on your
this is why it is essential to get your
butt in a church
to hear god’s word preached continually
because your heart needs to be refined
amen and look what it does look what it
so it penetrates the word of god
even look i love this to the dividing
of soul and spirit
isn’t that interesting that means
the word of god has the power
to divide or separate what you think
and what god thinks
to dividing soul and spirit
what you think versus what god thinks
let me help you
this is so simple and so profound
you want the life god has for you
follow his word follow his word
let his word direct you to him
it’ll divide the soul and spirit look
joints and
marrow look what it does it judges the
and attitudes of the heart
listen i have no ability to judge your
thoughts or attitudes
zero god’s word does
that’s what god’s word does it begins to
me from what i want the selfish part of
the part that says i want this and i
want that and i deserve this and i
deserve that and why hasn’t this
happened yet and why don’t i have that
versus the randy who can learn to rest
and trust in jesus amen
he is the way and you know what
he’s truth look his truth will go
deep his truth will do a work that
no human being can do look at this
it judges the thoughts attitudes of the
heart verse 13 markle
nothing in all creation
is hidden from god’s sight everything is
uncovered and laid bare before the eyes
of him
to whom we must give an account hold
that verse there
listen friends as believers i speak to
believers in christ today
if you’re not yet believer in christ
this ain’t for you
this is for believers in christ you and
friends are going to be held accountable
for what we did with the word of god
you and i are going to be held
accountable for the word we
heard and the word we didn’t apply in
our life
we’re going to be held accountable every
time the word was preached
and it cut and it did this and it went
and it revealed this and you and i said
no no no no too much too deep
let’s close that back up every time you
and i did that
we’re going to be held accountable you
know the best thing is
now i didn’t say it’s easy let
the word do its work
and then simply say god my life is yours
have your way have your way
come on you know surgery isn’t always
but surgery sometimes is necessary
that’s what the book of hebrews is
telling us let
surgery happen on your innermost heart
your innermost thoughts your innermost
your innermost loves and watch what god
here life will always be better
more grand more amazing more awesome
when you can let god be god the great
physician amen
will you let him be that today
will you let him be your great physician
and the last thing he says this he says
he is the life i don’t know if i gave
you these verses mark
luke 10 25 to 28. if you’re able to pull
him up quickly
great if not um i’ll just read from my
give me a nod if you get there marco
you’re there
there you go luke 25 10-8 or yeah
luke 10 25-10 on an occasion an expert
in the law stood up to test
jesus he says this teacher he asked
what must i do to inherit eternal life
so what’s he asking he’s asking for the
life of god
what did jesus say jesus says i am the
i’m the truth and i’m the life
come on this guy’s asking for life what
is written in the law he replied
how do you read it he answered
here’s how i read it love the lord god
with all your heart
with all your soul and with all your
strength isn’t that interesting
isn’t that kind of surmise what i said
to love something you must give your
time your
treasure your talent look what jesus
says this guy says love the lord your
god with all your heart
all your soul all your strength and with
all your mind and then he says this
and love your neighbor as yourself
what is our what is the title of our
message love god
love life love people next verse
you have answered correctly jesus jesus
do this and you will live because why
he’s looking for the life of god in this
just think about this what are we
talking about today
the life of god and jesus says you know
what you want to find life
remember i’m the way i’m the truth
i’m the life that’s the life you want
the life of god he says you have
answered correctly jesus replied
do this and you will live or do
this and you will have life
this is the life we long for next verse
but he wanted to justify himself so we
asked jesus
who is my neighbor and jesus replied
we’re not going to get into all that
that’s too far ahead
i wanted to just focus on that part of
him being the life
friends all of us
we long for a life of all the love
we’ve received here’s how we live this
christian life
we give out we give away what we’ve
received from him
why do we come to church why do we pray
why do we read our bibles to receive
from god i hope this morning you’ve
received from god
from his word but
for what purpose so we can give away
what we’ve received
see the christian life is such an
interesting life god gives us these
seemingly impossible
love your enemy forgive those who
despitefully use you
bless those who curse you turn the other
you know someone takes your coat give
him your shoes as well
he says it seems impossible
but what does he do he first gives us
the love necessary he gives us the
forgiveness necessary
he gives us the joy necessary he gives
us the peace necessary
to go through all those things amen
that’s what church is about that’s this
life in christ
when we leave here and go we give our
world what we’ve received
this is why in the gospels and really
the entire new testament
we see jesus out with people every day
teaching and just in different settings
and the power and presence of god is
jesus didn’t just show up in church
every miracle jesus did was not in a
church you know what the truth is
you’ll be hard-pressed in the new
testament to find a miracle that
happened in the synagogue
they didn’t they happened out in
life amen so jesus
is alive and active every moment of
every day
his first miracle was where at the
wedding feast in cana
then then he meets this woman at a well
who was married five times and living
with a man and not who’s not her husband
life of god showed up the presence of
god showed up
the goodness of god showed up the grace
of god showed up in all those situations
all of life preaches the gospel
come on let me ask you a question and
end with this and let’s pray
can you enjoy the life you have
today can you
i didn’t say if it changed today
today come on i want to pray for you
and for those who are at home and you’re
saying this
randy i wish i had that i want to pray
with you as well
come on let’s pray with those first you
say i wish i had that love
i wish i had that i wish i wish my life
i wish i had the love of god in my life
i’m not sure i do
i’m not sure i’m saved i’m not sure i’m
his come on bow your head right where
you are
repeat these words after me say heavenly
i need you i’m a sinner
i’ve chosen my own way but you know what
today i choose to follow you
i want to follow you you are the way
you are the truth you are the life
today lord right now
be my life
amen and friends for those of you who
are believers
but are letting the troubles of life
steal the joy of every day come on let’s
bow your head lift your hands say
heavenly father
thank you for reminding me of your love
thank you for reminding me that you are
the way
you are the truth and you are my life
today i choose to
follow you jesus
the way i commit today
to be a doer of your word right now
whatever your word says lord i choose to
i choose to say yes in jesus name i
thank you
for giving me the strength to say yes
in jesus name we pray and everyone said

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