11.13.16 – The Secret of the Kingdom of God – Good Soil

Mark 4 – Parable of the Sower

We come in this fifth week of studying this parable to the good soil that produces fruit.  The good soil has three key components: they hear God’s Word, accept his Word and produce fruit.  Furthermore, good soil doesn’t contain weeds, rocks or hardened patches.

Good soil needs preparing in order to remove anything that would prevent a seed from growing.  In order to prepare our hearts we must first be stung with the truth about our current state.  We must first know and understand our fallen state and it’s resulting affect on our relationship with God.  Once we have accepted this truth we can experience the true joy of God’s grace.  God never points out a truth in your life and then leaves you condemned with no solution.

How do you know if you’re good soil?

 There are numerous examples in the bible of people who demonstrate qualities that we would associate with good soil.  These are people who ask questions.  Not questions just to question, but rather questions in order to inquire and learn more.  Furthermore, they are open to the input of others.  When they ask questions they are open to receiving the wisdom of those around them.  Never be afraid to ask God any question!

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