01.15.17 – I Am Jonah, Save Me From Myself

The essence of the story of Jonah is that God pursues us no matter where we run.  The irony being that really we can’t even run from God – how can we?  But yet we try.  Hence, I Am Jonah.
When I hear God’s Word but do the opposite – I Am Jonah.  When I ask God for his goodness but don’t want to actually know him – I Am Jonah.  When I praise God in church on Sunday but then Monday comes and I don’t give him a second thought – I Am Jonah.  Every time I choose my way instead of God’s way – I am Jonah.
In the book of Jonah we see how God is sovereign, he has a plan, he is full of love and is in passionate pursuit of people.  People don’t change that much, and despite the numerous years between us and Jonah we are not that different from him.  However, from his story we can learn how to break that cycle.  We can learn how to move towards saying yes to God, rather than running rebelliously from him.  In Jonah we see God’s love chasing us, stopping us and bringing us back to him.
The Jonah Response is to want my life, my way and on my terms.  If we choose our own way do we give up anything?  What about what God had planned for you?
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